August 5, 2012

Oh.My.Pinterest Mother-load!

I think I have declared my love for all things Pinteresting on here many times! Seriously, I can't get enough... it is an addiction! So, imagine my delight when Debbie from Rainbows Within Reach started a pinterest linky  party... be still my heart!

At the bottom of this post, you will see links to over 300 (at last count) education boards! Of course we teachers do pin things other than school stuff, so you may find some other things you like too.. but be warned, no chores will be done today because there will be a whole lotta pinning going on :)

I also want to draw your attention to my new kindergarten blog roll on the right side. I read so many blogs that are AH-Mazing but I really wanted a way to showcase all my kinder friends since kinder is it's own creature! So, between pinning and finding new blogs to stalk read, you should be quite busy, Go ahead, call and order dinner now. Let's face it, it's the summer and you don't want to cook anyway!! HA


  1. wow this is great! I'll never be able to get off the computer now! haha


  2. Isn't that list amazing. You could get lost in Pinterest Land for days!!

    :) Nancy
    Joy of Kindergarten

  3. Love this! So excited about linking up!