August 1, 2015

Currently August

I can't help but link up with Farley even though I want to pretend it's not August yet!

Listening - my husband is always watching the golf channel.. I don't golf. Snore. 

Loving - we moved into the new home last September and the pool needed to be refinished and then it got cold. This summer it has a beautiful surface and crystal blue water and my family has been in it every day. I love that we can just hop in - swim and get back out. No packing bags, no packing food... it's glorious!

Thinking - I always need more time. I am an amazing procrastinator. I need more time to lose weight, clothes shop, create TpT resources, get my room ready.... you get the idea #whenwillIlearn

Wanting: I was asked to write 1st grade math curriculum for my district this summer. I am writing it with one other teacher and it has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I have loved the process so much but it is a TON of work. We are almost finished with the first half of the year though and then we'll take a break as it gets reviewed and revised! 

Needing:My sister-in-law is getting married and I still don't have a dress... or shoes.... or Spanx :) See, I procrastinate in all areas of my life, not just work! (um, I was waiting to lose 80 pounds but since I can't stop eating carbs I have enjoyed my summer, I guess I need to do the best I can with what I got (yes, I know that is not grammatically correct) sigh. 

B2S Rak: I am changing schools after 11 years. I am looking forward to my new adventure but I'm also so sad to leave behind my school family. Hopefully I can make a new family at this school.

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