March 13, 2015

Money, Money, Money {and a freebie}

Whenever I start planing for a new unit, I collect all my resources in my 2 favorite places... my Evernote account and Pinterst board (Follow my money board below)

Using Evernote is so easy. You can drag or paste in pictures, and then add links. I always add links for blog posts I want to refer back to and links to games I've purchased or downloaded on TpT.  That way I can share my resources with my team {using their original sources} and also, next year when I start planning money again, I have all my resources in 1 spot!!!

Follow Heather K's board Show me the money on Pinterest.

It goes without saying that Pinterest is one of the most time consuming best resources available -  I can't imagine teaching without it now!

If you are lucky enough to have access to Pebble Go, they have lots of videos about money. I love their videos on saving, spending, earning and all those other social studies / personal finance skills we have to cover now too.
Pebble Go Money Section

I created this Roll and Say freebie to use during small group or even whole group. I've included several uses for the game board such as saying the coin name, coin value or even counting all the coins to get the total of each row. I've also included a blank copy so that you can use your own real or fake coins for hands on learning which is so important for this abstract skill.
Click the picture below to grab it from my Google drive account.

What unit would be complete without songs?? I love using songs for brain breaks, for introductions, reviews and transitions. Click below to get my whole money play list. 

What are your favorite ways to teach about money?? If you grab the freebie, I'd love to hear from you!!

February 14, 2015

5 For Friday: Valentine Week

I linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday... I have been meaning to do this every week for a year. Yikes. Maybe I can make a goal to link up 2 weeks in a row?!?

We are rocking right along with our problem solving journals. Every morning the kids have a math problem on their desk. The routine is that they come in, unpack, and then get to work solving the problem in their journal. When announcements are over, we share several notebooks and talk about different ways to get to the solution. We clear up misconceptions and break down important clues in the problem. I always hold up several notebooks to share and then allow a student to come up to the board to solve. I am working on getting these into my TpT store..... 


This little smartie showed her answer in standard, word and expanded form!

I helped my son make his valentine box - an angry bird! It wasn't the best but he was excited about it and that's all that really matters!

Yesterday before the party I handed out some candy hearts and had the children write sentences with them. It was a hit!

1. You are my BFF.  2. I like it when you make me laugh. 3. I love it when you smile. 

Yesterday was our class Valentine party and I was completely spoiled!! I work at a Title 1 campus and I am always so humbled by the love I am shown on holidays. I know it is a financial strain for some families and I love my handmade notes and cards as much as the big baskets! The cutie that bought me these gorgeous flowers was SO excited to pick them out himself and give them to me. I LOVE tulips so I was quite impressed with his choice!

Who doesn't need a vase full of chocolate?? You've got to keep up with the kids somehow, right??

I created these editable Valentine thank you notes with adorable Melonheadz graphics. They are on on sale in my TpT store right now if you were spoiled like I was! Happy Valentine's Day!! 

December 31, 2014

Currently 2015 (almost)

Goodness, I can't believe it is the year 2015 - That is the year they go to in back to the future - eek!!
I am linking up with Farley for the first Currently of 2015!
Listening: 2 kids under 8 stuck in a house for 2 weeks, enough said

Loving: Santa bought me a fitbit and I have big plans to get moving!

Thinking: I have many goals, personal, professional, blogging etc... but I am also trying to think small and focused so that I can actually acomplish those goals :)

Wanting: Yes, we found a dead, stinky possum in our attic tonight but we can't get to it. So we have to wait until???? the rodent places open up and I can't even imagine what it will smell like by then. OMG. so.grossed.out.

Needing: I need to be realistic. It is too easy for me to say, "i'm going to lose 60 pounds this year" but then not think of the "how"

Yes: I will get healthy this year and be a good model for my kids

Maybe: I really want to be a better blogger (I couldn't get any worse) and with that I want to out the things I create on TpT. I have a really bad habit of creating things for my classroom when I need them and then never posting them for some reason...

A Wish: I would LOVE to go on debt diet too and get out of debt. 

What are your plans for 2015??

September 1, 2014

Currently September?

Linking up with Farley again this month for Currently. September? What?? Where did my summer go?

Listening.. I snuck away from a fun pool party / picnic to get out of the heat for a minute

Loving... I have a student teacher and she is awesome. She jumped right in on day 1 and it is so amazing to have extra hands, eyes, and ears the first week of school!!

Thinking... My mom passed away from cancer this past April and I think about my dad all the time. They were married for 44 years and on days like today (holidays) I worry about him being alone. I hope he can move down to Texas soon..

Wanting... We moved out of our house this Friday but can't move into a next one until this coming Saturday. I am dreading the whole unpacking thing. ugh.

Needing... We love our new house. It is in a great neighborhood and has an amazing pool (swoon) but it is older and needs some work. I am the kind of person who wants everything to be done RIGHT NOW... so I am going to need to channel my inner zen and be okay with very slow progress.

3 trips.... I have always wanted to see every.single.inch of Italy and who wouldn't want to go to Greece and Hawaii?

Enjoy your week!!

July 2, 2014

Currently July!

Linking up with Farley for my first Currently in about a year....

We are so excited to spend time in Ohio with our family! We are even more excited to go with them to the Outer Banks. If you don't already, follow me on Instagram to see beach pictures soon! 

June 30, 2014

Monday Made It : Pinspired

Hi friends. It has been FOR*EV*ER (I just channeled my inner Sandlot voice). I have lots of reasons I haven't blogged in about a year but I'll save those for another post. Today, I'll start simple and link up with 4th Grade Frolics with a Monday Made It post!!
Click here to check out the other Made It ideas

The hubs and I are getting ready to sell our house and we have been working REALLY hard to get the house ready. I am not a decorator - it stresses me out when I walk into stores with decor... I want everything but I don't know where it should go, what it matches, etc... So, our house was pretty bare and I wanted to add some small touches to make it feel warm and inviting.

First up, a 5 minute pinspired table runner. Literally, walked into Hobby Lobby, bought the two widths of burlap ribbon, laid it on the table and cut to fit. A simple $10 project that makes a nice impact when you enter our home!

Secondly, a pinspired wreath for the front door. I bought 2 green flowers, one cream rose and a wooden initial. It took me all of 10 minutes to add the flowers with floral wire and glue on the letter!

There you have it, Monday made-it pinspired edition. Hopefully I can get my groove back and make some classroom stuff too.

November 4, 2013

Math Monday and a few freebies

I am linking up for my very first Math Monday with A Burst of First (love her blog!)

I love math time and my kids love math games. They don't even know they are learning! Today I wanted to share a quick post to show you some things I have been using with my Tier II RTI group. 

The friends in my group are having issues with counting to 100 in less than a minute so we are now starting every lesson counting to 100 using a hundred chart and pointing to each number. I have a large sand timer so we can see if we are counting fast enough. I created this super boring simple chart to have students graph their progress after each progress monitoring probe. Good documentation and the kids like seeing their progress. 

Oral Counting Fluency Graph
Click the picture to snag a copy

We are also working hard on teen number identification. My kids can tell me what the number is called on a hundred chart, but can't name it in isolation. One of our progress monitoring tasks is quantity discrimination. The kids look at 2 numbers and name the larger one. Well, the kids can point to the larger one every time. However, they have to name it and they call 12, 20 and 13, 31 so they get them all wrong. So sad. They love this little review we do before each math lesson - proving that sometimes simple is fun. I hold these up like flash cards and the first person to read the number correctly gets to keep the card. Simple.Fast.Fun.Effective. If you want these cards, click on the image below to get them from Google Drive. 
teen number identification
Teen Number Identification 

Lastly, my whole class is working on solving addition and subtraction problems within 20. I created these Fall-themed problems to practice 1 per day whole group. This is just a quick time for us to talk about strategies and attack a problem together. Click the picture to get your copy in my TpT store.

addition and subtraction word problem freebie

If you grab any of these freebies or you have other ideas to help with RTI, I'd love to hear from you!! Night!

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