June 3, 2013

Five for Friday - or Monday??

I am linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the last FRIDAY of our school year *happy dance break** okay, I'm back!
I am cheatting, I am combining 2 weeks into one - forgive me.
1. We celebrated teacher appreciation week last week... our principal and PTO always makes this week super special. We have a theme each year and some times we go all out for it and sometimes, we don't. This year was somewhere in the middle. Here is my awesome 3rd grade team on the first day all dressed as Minnie Mouse. 

2. Here is day 3 - dress like your favorite princess day. We decided to channel our inner "casual" princesses thanks to this pin

3. Day 4 - 70's themed (Disney World opened in '71) Thursday is always the best day. The PTO decorates transforms our library to fit the theme. Picture all the walls covered in black butcher paper with disco and strobe lights, a DJ spinning disco music, amazing food and a desert buffet that would rival any cruise ship spread. seriously.

4. I was allowed to officially break the news that I am moving to 1st grade next year. I have taught 3rd for the last 9 years and I love it. I love my team, love the age, love the higher level learning but I needed a change and it just so happened that due to numbers we needed to have one less 3rd grade teacher next year. I volunteered (though I am really, really sad to leave my team). So super excited (and half terrified) to be teaching first next year!

5. We had field day today - oh.my. It was HOTTTT. I am beat. The kids had a blast and that is all that really matters. 
had to pick a picture without faces!

We have a "regular" day on Monday, parties on Tuesday and a half day on Wednesday. We made it!!

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