May 12, 2013

Five for Frunday (again)

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching again this week for....
1. Stay Home Day - Last Friday my sweet girl got sick on the way home from school - not fun! By Sunday she had a lot of ear pain - after a quick trip to the doctor we discovered she had an inner ear infection. Monday morning she asked if she could stay home - she has never asked this, she LOVES going to school. I figured she must really not be feeling well so we stayed home and snuggled.

2. Sale: I have SO many things on my wish-list and I always have a hard time deciding what to buy. This time around I picked up several clip art sets, some frames, borders, color by number skill practice, and this super cute adjective activity from Third Grade Bookworm. Our writing needs all the help it can get. Yikes.

3. Mother's Day Poems: We read I love you the Purplest by Barbara M. Joosse
                                                       picture of Mother's Day craft or activity using I love you the Purplest
and then we followed the lesson plan on WritingFix. After we discussed color words, word choice and creating a picture with out words, we got started writing a poem. On my teaching friend, Tracy's advice, I gave them a loose pattern to follow. The kids wrote and then I conferenced with them.  Each student came up and painted with watercolors on special water color paper (also Tracy's idea) After their painting was finished, they wrote the poem with pencil on their masterpiece, then traced over with a fine point Sharpie. The kids loved the whole activity and I'm sure the moms are going to love them too! *I am so sad. I took pictures of the finished poems on my phone and they are not there anymore... not sure how or why but I am not happy!! I will ask a few friends to bring it back for a special photo shoot :)
picture of watercolor painting for mother's day activity. I love you the purplest

4. Field Day: Friday was suppose to be our field day - Mother Nature had another plan. The kids were so disappointed and the teachers weren't exactly ready to teach! We made the best of it - had a "learning" morning and then a fun afternoon. Math games and a movie (we NEVER get to watch real movies so this was big treat)! Here are the kids wearing their team shirts - courtesy of my awesome room mom!

5. Countdown to Disney: every day when I pick my son up from preschool he asks if we are going to Disney... he can't grasp "we are going in one month" so, last night when I couldn't sleep, I made is a little countdown calendar. I saw so many cute ones on Pinterest, but I didn't have the energy!

See my Disney Pinterest Board here

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