April 21, 2013

Five for Frunday?? Yeah, I'm a little late!

Linking up again with Doodle Bugs for  Five for Frunday? Yes, I am a little late but I had a great week so I wanted to share!

1. Toro, the Houston Texan's mascot came to visit our 3rd and 4th graders to share some testing tips before our big state tests this week. He was full of energy and the kids ate it up. Lots of excited kids and now I am ready for football season!!

2. Simile breakthrough! We have been talking about similes on and off all year. I am hitting poetry hard right now before our big test so we were doing a fun figurative language foldable (more on that later) as I put up the definition on the board I asked the kids to create their own simile rather than just using my example. At first many of them were stuck but after a bit, I couldn't get them to stop! They were awesome and so excited to share! After the test we are going to revisit these. I think I'll let me kids illustrate and hang them in the hallway. The best part? They started "seeing" them everywhere.
 A girl was wearing this shirt and proudly stood up to model the simile she had found. Then someone pointed out, "This Girl is on Fire" is another example of figurative language and we had a debate about it being a metaphor or an idiom... Love it!

3. STAAR Wars: On Friday we (all 6 third grade teachers) spilt our kids up and let them rotate around the room to play games and practice for the STAAR test. We had a fabulous day and the kids had no idea they were learning. This is a tough group but with a little preplanning we were amazed at how smoothly the day went. No. Drama. = Amazing! I plan to write more about what we did tomorrow - stay tuned!

Not my best picture. I am the one in the back - behind the green and aqua shirts!
4. Team Party: We have a fabulous bilingual teacher on our third grade team and we found out a few weeks ago that she was one of our campuses A+ teachers. She is new to our team this year and we adore her. In fact, we all voted for her without even talking about it ahead of time - she rocks! Anyway, this Friday we all got together after school with husbands and kids and celebrated her. Lots of fun, lots of laughs.

Um, He didn't really want to stop eating for a picture. HA!
5. Crawfish Boil: Every year we get invited to my good teacher friend's crawfish boil. It is another great party with really great food. I don't eat the crawfish but my husband eats enough for the both of us (and then some!) I did eat the sausage, corn, potatoes, and mushrooms though. Yumm-O

I love reading about everyone's week each Friday. If you haven't linked up yet, what are you waiting for??

For all my Texas Teacher friends, good luck this week, we made it!

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