October 7, 2012

Traveling Scientist and Scientific Method Freebie

Hi friends! I am so excited to share with you my Traveling Scientist pack. This is an idea I have used in my classroom for the last 3 years and the kids LOVE it. My third grade teaching buddies us it now too with great success!

So here is the deal. You decorate a composition notebook and a canvas bag. Add a parent note and any other items you feel like should be included (I like to add a child sized lab coat like this one, safety googles, and a book of easy science experiments.)

Tell the students that they get to be traveling scientists for one week. Explain that they will conduct one or more science experiments at home with their parents (grandparents, siblings, etc...) As they complete the experiment(s) they should be recording their findings using the scientific method steps you use in class. Then they record their findings inside the included notebook and I encourage my friends to be creative with their page. They are told to add pictures, stickers, color or whatever they feel like to make it their own. When they bring the bag back on Thursday, they present to the class. In the past I have had everything from students reading what they wrote in the journal, to having parents come to help recreate the experiment in class. I only ask that the presentation be 15 minutes at the most. Most can present in under 5.
science INB idea
You would not believe how excited the kids are for their turn and how excited they are about listening to their classmates presentations!

Here is a preview of the pack. Inside you will find front and back covers for the notebook. An editable page for the inside cover where students can cross out their name after they've had their turn, a parent letter and step by step directions on assembling the bag. There is also a printable logo you can use to create an iron-on transfer for your tote bag. Many of the pages are editable within Powerpoint in case you'd like to use your own words.
science INB Traveling scientist 
If you would like a free copy, enter the giveaway below. I will randomly pick 2 winners on Wednesday evening! 

Alright, now for the freebie! I have been using this Scientific Method Chant for years and it is a fun way for the kids to remember the steps. Here is a poster for you class.... if you print it out onto photo paper, you will be pleased. Seriously, it makes the posters so much prettier (yes, I said prettier)

Click here to get your copy 
of the poster and foldable

Any who, also included in this freebie is a scientific method foldable and directions for creating them in class with your own students. I use this same format for every experiment we conduct in class.

Here is a picture of one I modeled in class at the beginning of the year.
You can create the same foldable with notebook or computer paper if you'd prefer. I just like the look of the words typed on the cover! 

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  1. That looks great! If I move up to third grade any time soon, I'll have to get it!

  2. I love teaching anything science......I love rocks and solar system!

  3. I am getting ready to return to the classroom. I am hoping for third grade placement and this will be great! My favorite unit was electricity when I was teaching fourth grade.

  4. I love teaching our magnet unit. The kids get really excited about all the uses of magnets..especially the cow magnet!


  5. What a great idea!
    I love teaching Science too! I hope I win this fantastic giveaway!

  6. I found your blog because Christi (Ms. Fultz's Corner) "boo'd" you! I am now your newest follower. I would love for you to join in the fun linky party by highlighting 3 blogs that other's should check out.

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