October 6, 2012

Product Swap: Measurement Madness!

I am so excited to be part of the product swap this time around. When you are finished learning about the awesome product I reviewed, be sure to click the button above to see what other products people reviewed!

Here we go, hope you like pictures!!

I was lucky enough to get paired up with Krista from Stellar Students. She is a third grade teacher like me and I adore her blog.

One area my students always struggle in is measurement, so I jumped at the chance to try out her Measurement Madness Station kit.

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Inside there are 6 different station activities and some links to online measurement games! I had my handy dandy helpers (A.K.A. my son, daughter and husband) try out a few of the stations.

First up was "How Far Does Your Plane Fly"  
Students will have all the directions they need with these super colorful direction pages. 

I had a little mini lesson on making paper airplanes! 

 Once we had them folded, we were ready to go! I placed a piece of tape on the floor and had his sister count, "one, two, three, go!" Students will take turns flying their paper airplanes and I could even see this turning into a mini science lesson about variables. I found myself wondering what type/size of paper airplane would fly the farthest. You could also have students investigate how making the planes differently effects how far it will fly. 

                                                     Daddy got in on the action too!
Now it's time to measure! Krista has included a cute recording sheet where students are expected to measure in 3 different units. I love this as it will really help them see which units are bigger/smaller and will also help them understand why we pick a particular unit when measuring.  I loved watching the kids figure out the best way to measure how far it had flown. I can see third graders really starting to "get" why measuring accurately is so important.

 More of a laid back approach to measuring....
Using this recording form is very higher order. Students will have to think about converting from inches, to feet to yards. 

Next up was an equally fun station called, "How Far Can You Jump" Again a colorful direction page and recording sheet are included. Students will stand at the starting line (a piece of tape) and see how far they can jump. Perfect for all our kinesthetic learners!

The partner comes and places a piece of paper where they landed so that you can measure how far you've jumped. 

There goes daddy again...

And we measure. Again, students are measuring in 3 different units. I only had a tape measure but at school, I would give kids a yard stick and ruler. 

My kids wanted to keep jumping to see if they could beat their last jump!

The last one we practiced was called, "How Much Hot Air Do You Have?"
For this activity, students will place a pattern block on the starting line and blow as hard as they can. In our case, we used a cotton ball because I didn't have any pattern blocks at home.

We were laughing so hard because little missy here could not get hers to go very far at first!

Then we measured and recorded on the sheet provided. 

Here is a little look at the direction page as well as a recording sheet. 

We had lots of fun. The kids thought they were playing but they were getting practice measuring in different units. They were making hypotheses' and testing their theories. All while moving which, as we know, helps them retain the information.

I can't wait to use all 6 activities with my class. It took very few supplies and was all set-up ready to use within 5 minutes, that's my kind of learning station! The other 3 stations that are included are a sort, board game type activity and measurement scavenger hunt that I know the kids will truly enjoy. there is a lot of room here for enrichment. Some of the activities will be very challenging but I know they will lead to great discussion.

 Head on over to Stellar Students to see a review for my Scientific Tools Kit
and then head to her TpT store to get your copy of these awesome measurement stations, you won't believe the price!


  1. LOVED the pictures of your kiddos in action! They are adorable! Thanks for all of your hard work!!


  2. I saw Krista's review of your product (loved it) and had to come check out your blog! I'm a third grade teacher as well (with kiddos that need measurement help), and I'm your newest follower!


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  3. What an adorable review!!! Thanks for joining for the swap :) I hope you'll sign up for the next!

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