September 30, 2012

Facebook Timeline Tutorial

Hi friends! There is something about fall and halloween that makes me so happy. To celebrate, I wanted to change my Facebook timeline on my personal page. Follow these steps below to customize your own timeline photo, remember, this is just one idea. The possibilities are endless,,,,

First, open a blank powerpoint presentation.

Next, add a rectangular box and change the size to 2.8 by 8 inches

Then, I like to add another box on top. In my example, this box is 2.3 by 7.5 

After you get those the way you like them, add some clip art, text, or photos. *tip* do not put your words or design too close to the left bottom. This is where your profile picture goes!

Once the design looks good to you, highlight all the pieces, right-click and group. It is very important that all the pieces are grouped together. 

After you've grouped all the pieces together, right click and choose, save as pictures. Name and save the file somewhere you'll remember (I like to save to my desktop)

Finally, go to your facebook page and hoover your mouse over your current timeline pic. Click on the "change cover" button that shows up and select upload from computer. Add you new photo and you're done!!

I made mine using these adorable graphics from My Cute Graphics and the awesome free fonts from Teaching Maddeness

Here is the one on my blog's facebook page but I have a feeling I will be changing it alot! Speaking of my blog's facebook page, I would love to have you "like" me!! I plan to share great resources there, ask questions and even do some special giveaways just for my facebook fans! So what are you waiting for? Click on over and like me already!!!

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  1. Fantastic! I just changed my personal and blog's facebook covers using this tutorial. Thank you!

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  2. Thank you for linking up this week at my Thursday's Tech Tips for Teachers and showing my follower such a terrific tip!
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