September 5, 2012

Currently and a Freebie

I am hooking up with Farley for this month's currently. 

I have the most wonderful husband (I need to remind my self of this at times!) He gives the kids a bath every night so that I can blog, read blogs, pin, grade, etc... He does the laundry, and cleans the bathrooms too. I am spoiled, right?

I am feeling SO overwhelmed with school right now. It has been 4 years since I have taught the ELA block and this year I am self contained. Planning for every subject is taking hours and I am just not comfortable planning for ELA yet, I am hoping it will become easier as I go. This is only the second week. I also put a lot of pressure on myself to create items for my classroom so there is always a to do list a mile long... I need to be okay with not reinventing the wheel!!! Another stressor is this blog. I am so proud of it and I hate the fact that I am going to need to change the name because I am back to teaching third. What do you think about Kickin' it with Class?

I was loving having a 3 day weekend. Need I say more?

My funk. Hmmm. I am working hard to shake it and love being self contained for all the perks it offers but right now I am missing my teaching partner and I am looking around ready to switch classes every day around 2:30. HA

Okay, have y'all seen this pin for apple dip? I made it for the first day of school for my kids' teachers. It is AH-mazing. I am talking eat by the spoonful good. Make it, you won't be sorry. It was so good I had to make another batch this weekend. You don't need the fancy containers, when I made it for myself I just put the cream cheese caramel mixture in the bottom of a pie plate. Topped it with the remaining caramel and added the Heath bits. So YUM!

Okay, if you are still reading. Here is your freebie. Our third graders always come to us not knowing how to "make 10" quickly. This is such an important skill for number sense and mental math. We play lots of games with decks of cards but I wanted a dice game. Here is a solution for anyone who does not own a 10-sided die. Kids roll, figure out what number they need to add to make 10 and roll again. Simple practice. Click the picture to get your copy!

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  1. Love the Kickin it with Class :) You are lucky to have such a wonderful husband.