October 27, 2012

Fall Calendar Numbers

Hi y'all! I love the fall so I want to make the pumpkin and leaves last as long as possible. Since I'll have to take down all things Halloween on Wednesday, I thought I'd whip up some fall calendar numbers for November. I kept this "fall themed" rather than Thanksgiving themed because I know there are lots of us who can't or won't decorate with Pilgrims and Native Americans. Click the picture below to snag your free copy from Google Drive!

Happy F'all Y'all


  1. Hi Heather!

    These are super cute! Have a great week!


  2. Thank you so much! These are perfect for my Joy School Calendar as I am in Canada and we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. So the whole Turkey thing just doesn't work for my November calendar! Been searching for a cute calendar choice. You rock!

  3. YES ! I didn't really want the pilgrim theme this year for my 3's...these are absolutely adorable and I really appreciate you doing them for free. Thanks from a fellow teacher !!

  4. Thank you. I appreciate you for sharing your resources.

  5. I love your November calendar numbers. I like the variety of the pictures. Thank you for sharing them, and offering them for free. Unfortunately I will not be able to use them. I need them for preschoolers learning their numbers and the script of the number is too loopy and confusing for them. They may be better suited for older children.