September 1, 2014

Currently September?

Linking up with Farley again this month for Currently. September? What?? Where did my summer go?

Listening.. I snuck away from a fun pool party / picnic to get out of the heat for a minute

Loving... I have a student teacher and she is awesome. She jumped right in on day 1 and it is so amazing to have extra hands, eyes, and ears the first week of school!!

Thinking... My mom passed away from cancer this past April and I think about my dad all the time. They were married for 44 years and on days like today (holidays) I worry about him being alone. I hope he can move down to Texas soon..

Wanting... We moved out of our house this Friday but can't move into a next one until this coming Saturday. I am dreading the whole unpacking thing. ugh.

Needing... We love our new house. It is in a great neighborhood and has an amazing pool (swoon) but it is older and needs some work. I am the kind of person who wants everything to be done RIGHT NOW... so I am going to need to channel my inner zen and be okay with very slow progress.

3 trips.... I have always wanted to see every.single.inch of Italy and who wouldn't want to go to Greece and Hawaii?

Enjoy your week!!