September 22, 2013

Classroom Doors - Be All You Can... (Picture Heavy Post)

This is my door to match my superhero -themed classroom
Get comfy, I have lots of pictures for you today! This year our principal challenged us to each come up with one adjective that fit with our theme, Be All You Can.  The rules were simple. 1. Doors had to have the word "be" spelled correctly. 2. We could not have anything 3-D (due to fire marshall rules) and 3. We had each had to choose a different word. So, we thought of our words and planned our door over the summer!! Here is the result. 60 something doors - - Each totally unique! Photo credit goes to my really good teaching friend, Tracy G. Have fun looking and leave a comment about your favorite door. Who knows, maybe I'll pick your comment to win an item from my store! 

This is our registrar's door. Perfect, right?

close up of book titles on the Be a Reader door

Thanks for looking!!