February 14, 2015

5 For Friday: Valentine Week

I linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday... I have been meaning to do this every week for a year. Yikes. Maybe I can make a goal to link up 2 weeks in a row?!?

We are rocking right along with our problem solving journals. Every morning the kids have a math problem on their desk. The routine is that they come in, unpack, and then get to work solving the problem in their journal. When announcements are over, we share several notebooks and talk about different ways to get to the solution. We clear up misconceptions and break down important clues in the problem. I always hold up several notebooks to share and then allow a student to come up to the board to solve. I am working on getting these into my TpT store..... 


This little smartie showed her answer in standard, word and expanded form!

I helped my son make his valentine box - an angry bird! It wasn't the best but he was excited about it and that's all that really matters!

Yesterday before the party I handed out some candy hearts and had the children write sentences with them. It was a hit!

1. You are my BFF.  2. I like it when you make me laugh. 3. I love it when you smile. 

Yesterday was our class Valentine party and I was completely spoiled!! I work at a Title 1 campus and I am always so humbled by the love I am shown on holidays. I know it is a financial strain for some families and I love my handmade notes and cards as much as the big baskets! The cutie that bought me these gorgeous flowers was SO excited to pick them out himself and give them to me. I LOVE tulips so I was quite impressed with his choice!

Who doesn't need a vase full of chocolate?? You've got to keep up with the kids somehow, right??

I created these editable Valentine thank you notes with adorable Melonheadz graphics. They are on on sale in my TpT store right now if you were spoiled like I was! Happy Valentine's Day!!