July 13, 2016

Guided Math in Action: Chapters 5 & 6

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 I plan to use Plickers more this year as a fun and fast pre-assessment! I also like the idea of starting the year with a math inventory.. I've never done that before! I plan to post more about Plickers on my blog soon. In the meantime, Laura Candler has an awesome tutorial and even a FB group!

This is a tough one for me. I already feel like we assess kids so much, especially in testing grades. I do want/need to get better about anecdotal notes. My favorite way to take and organize notes is to use peel and stick labels. I put a blank sheet of labels on my clipboard and then when I see something i need to record, I write the student name and date along with the note on a blank label. When the whole sheet is used, I transfer the label to the appropriate student page in my assessment binder. 

We have districted provided summative assessments. However, I plan to use the data from those assessments in a more authentic way. In years past I have created an item analysis and then gone over the most missed questions with my class. Now, it makes more sense to pull individual or small groups of students back to the guided math table to reteach skills missed. Not revisiting those areas of misunderstanding is what creates gaps in their mathematical foundation.

 My plan is to Conduct a math interview at the BOY, MOY and EOY, use exit tickets, math talks, math interviews and formative assessments weekly, and use summative assessments as our district scope requires.

I do always start my lessons with, " Today we are going to learn about..." but I very rarely summarize at the end of the lesson. I am adding it to my growing list of #teachinggoals I most definitely see the learning impact and meaning of this step!

 We play games at my table almost daily. Sometimes the game is a review, sometimes I use it as a formative assessment and more often than not I use games at my math table to make learning fun and memorable. These games are then transitioned into math bins when I am sure all the students know how to play. I have some math games in my TpT store and I have plans to create and share many more. One of the class favorite games is a simple place value game called From Here to There. I have a Christmas themed freebie in my store if you want to take a look. The kids LOVE this game because it involves both luck strategy. I love it because it is super easy to differentiate. You can play with 1 ten-sided die, 2 regular dice or even 3 dice for students who are ready for larger numbers.

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