August 12, 2013

10 Random Things About Me for Teacher Week

1. I cannot make decisions about decorating or crafting or classroom design. Seriously. I am not sure when that happened, but it is super annoying. I stand and hem and haw

 2. I am moving from 9 years as a third grade teacher to being a first grade teacher. It was my decision but now that it is so soon, I am equal parts excited and terrified.

 3. I LOVE listening to music. I listen to country, pop, rap, classical, show tunes.... everything but heavy, heavy metal.

 4. I prefer baths (nice, quiet, warm baths) over showers. I love to read while in the bath too!

 5. I grew up in Ohio. I did things like ice skating lessons and ski club. Now that I live in Texas, people laugh when I tell them and they assume I mean water skiing, not snow! I also say things like pop when I mean soda...

 6. I met my husband the first week of college at the University of Cincinnati. We were friends for a short time and then dated for about 5 years before getting married. We just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this July.
SAE formal circa 1999

Our Wedding Day, 2003

With the kids and Donald in Disney this summer

 7. I love to sing - loudly.

 8. I cuss like a sailor. For real. (I am crediting The Tatooed Teacher for helping me know it was okay
to share this fun fact)

9. I cannot draw even a little bit. Every time I see those beautiful anchor charts on Pinterest, I cry a little inside.

10. I am a procrastintor to the extreme. I have about 15 projects in a folder on my desktop titled, "to finish for TpT'" I think this goes hand in hand with #1!

I have had so much fun reading all the other blogs today!! If you haven't linked up already, you still have time!


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