December 31, 2012

Happy New Year's Eve

Do you have big plans for tonight? I don't but that is okay with me. We are leaving the house in a few minutes to get some shoes for my kindergartner and then grab an EARLY dinner to beat the crowds! I may have to buy some snacks for later though....

I am linking up with The Teacher's Cauldron to share my New Year's Resolution. Maybe if I post them out here blogosphere you all can hold me accountable??

I have several goals for each. 
Personal goals:
1. Walk most days - I hate exercising but I need to do something for me. To de-stress, to unwind, to feel better about my body
2. Be less hard on myself and try to be less stressed about everything so that I can be a better mommy and wife.
3. Don't eat anything after 8 P.M. - I have a BAD sweet tooth and I always eat dessert after I put the kids to bed. 

Blogging Goals:
1. Double my number of followers (if you are not already following, what to help me reach my goals???) Ha!
2. Blog at least once a week about what I am doing in my classroom and use pictures.
3. Create more items for TpT - I have lots of started projects sitting in a folder....

I would love to hear what you are resolved to do in this new year!! Please leave a comment or link up!

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  1. I've enjoyed our conversation about books! Growing Firsties is having a Shout Out linky and I put you down as a blog I'm shouting out to! Another great way to network!

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